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References are available upon request. The following testimonials have been provided by parents of current and former students.

Please continue reading to see what people are saying about Learn with Carlene Specialty Tutoring!

What people are saying about Learn With Carlene:

"When my son was first diagnosed with dyslexia, I began to research support services in my area and found absolutely nothing.  After a moment of panic, I did an online search and found Carlene’s tutoring services and decided to give her a try.  My panic quickly turned to hope, confidence and gratitude after our first interactions with Carlene.   Not only are her multi-sensory focused learning objectives exactly what my son needed to overcome his learning deficiencies due to a later diagnosis of dyslexia, but perhaps even more importantly, Carlene tapped into my son’s interests which allowed her to connect with him in a way that opened his mind for learning.  After only a short time of working with Carlene, I could see clear signs he was finally beginning to move forward and close his learning gap. He truly enjoyed his tutoring sessions with Ms. Carlene, especially being able to do them on his laptop in the comfort of our home and in his pajamas if he wanted to!"

— K.H., Alabama

"My son Ryan started with Carlene when he was 9 years old. He was diagnosed with dyslexia but the school was limited to what they could provide for him. As a concerned parent, I went to the highest person on the school board to get him help quickly, but that was impossible. I was told he will go through testing with the school for the next year and in two years the school will be qualified to help children with Dyslexia. Ryan was put in small reading groups which took him away from learning Math. The school informed me that Reading was the priority for Ryan and Math he can catch up. I found Carlene and my prayers were answered. She knew exactly what I was going through and eased my fears and concerns. Carlene does not only understand the parent's side of the frustrations and heart aches, but she knew exactly what Ryan was going through emotionally. With time and patience Ryan bonded with Carlene. Carlene has a passion for teaching children and getting these children to trust her. Carlene has provided a learning environment for Ryan to know that it’s okay to be different and its okay to struggle with his reading.  Carlene has taught Ryan to read with pride and confidence. Ryan also suffers from Dyscalculia and this past year Ryan had a grade of 48 in math. He was so far behind and had no understanding the concept of Math. Carlene started the math tutoring in September of 2017 and Ryan’s grade is at a 98% in his class. His teacher has recently informed that Ryan actually loves coming to class everyday now.  Carlene you are a blessing from God! I cannot thank you enough."

— M.M., Arkansas 

"We have been working with Carlene for over a year now. Since that time our daughter who has dyslexia has improved drastically with her reading as well as her confidence. Our daughter would have anxiety reading out loud in class because of her inability to stay on the same line or pronounce the phonetics properly. She would often start reading a word in the middle, become frustrated and just move on to the next word, resulting in her missing the rest of the words in the sentence. 

We can say that now she is reading out loud in her classroom with confidence due to the reading strategy that Carlene has taught and worked on with her. 

Carlene has a way of bonding with her students so that they are comfortable with her, allowing them to learn and grasp what is needed to be successful readers. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for dedication, honesty, accountability and most of all results!"

— C.W., California 

"I know my son tends to shut down and get really quiet during reading instruction and that can be a challenge. But you handled his shyness beautifully! Normally he’s super outgoing and talkative...until he has to face his dyslexia head on. Thank you for being so patient and always trying to draw him out."


— D.C., California

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