carlene strathmann
Carlene Strathmann

Carlene Strathmannn earned a B.F.A. in animation from Rhode Island School of Design. She moved to Hollywood after graduating in order to work for the Walt Disney Company as an artist, and married her college sweetheart shortly thereafter. Several years later they had two children and Carlene decided to homeschool. When her youngest child was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia, Carlene began her mission to learn all she could about these learning differences.

In 2014, Carlene completed her Orton-Gillingham certification at the Dyslexia Training Institute in San Diego, CA. She has been continuing her education ever since, attending conferences and additional classes in subjects such as Structured Word Inquiry and Dyscalculia Awareness. As a certified dyslexia advocate, Carlene continues to network and stay on top of changes in Special Education law. She most recently completed certification the Dyscalculia Tutoring Program offered by Dr. A.M. Schreuder.

Carlene is passionate about building confidence in every student and enjoys connecting with her students from around the globe. In addition to dyslexia and dyscalculia, her teaching experience includes working with students with such learning differences as Tourette Syndrome, gifted and talented, students with attention issues, autism, anxiety, dysgraphia and dyspraxia. 

Carlene lives with her family in beautiful Santa Clarita, California. She is a member of American Mensa, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the International Dyslexia Association. 


UPCOMING: (NEVER stop learning!!!)

LEXinar: The Science of Silence - 2021

LEXinar: Linguistics for non-linguists - year long class 2021

LEXinar: Not Angles but Angels : The History of English - year long class 2021-2022

LEXinar: Grammar for Grownups - year long class 2022

COMPLETED: (certificate/degree granting programs in bold)


Dyslexia Advocate Certification October 2019-December 13, 2019, Dyslexia Training Institute


LEXinar: Pop-up Class The Anatomy of letters - October 2021

LEXinar: Drawing Conclusions- May 2021

LEXinar: Default Graphemes - May 2021

LEXinar: The Zero Allophone - October 2020

LEXinar: The Spell of Spelling and the Glamour of Grammar - October 2020

LEXinar: InSights into Verbs - 2020 June/July 2020

Spellinar: Lexical Doublets - June/July 2020

Real Script with Rebecca Loveless - May 2020

Spellinar: The Suffix -ic - April/May 2020

LEXinar: Etymology VIII conference - April 3-5, 2020

LEXinar: Stress and the Schwa - January-February 2020

Spellinar: Latin for Orthographers 2 - October-November 2019

Spellinar: Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary - October-November 2019

LEXinar: Latin Palatals - October 2019

Spellinar: Greek for Orthographers - September-October 2019

LEXinar: Strong Verbs: from Old English to Today - September 2019

Spellinar: Transcribing Greek, July/August 2019

Spellinar: Real Script July/August 2019

LEXinar: The Nature of the Grapheme - July/August 2019

Spellinar: Latin for Orthographers, June 2019

LEXinar: The Nature of the Phoneme, May/June 2019

3rd Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2019

LEXinar: The International Phonetic Alphabet, April 2019

LEXinar: Old English for Orthographers, April 2019

LEXinar: Syllables: Fact & Fiction, March 2019

LEXinar: Function & Content Words, December 2018 

2nd Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2018 

1st Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2017 

Structured Word Inquiry, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2016

Dyslexia Certificate Practicum, Dyslexia Training Institute, October 2014-January 2015

Dyslexia Certificate Program, Dyslexia Training Institute, June 2014-October 2014


Multisensory Math: An Overview Workshop of Hands-on Instruction for Meeting the Needs of All Learners, IDA NorCal, October 2021

Dyscalculia Tutor Training Certification Program, Dr. A.M. Schreuder, Dyscalculia Training Center, January 2021

3rd Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyscalculia seminar, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2019

2nd Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyscalculia seminar, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2018 

1st Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference, Dyscalculia Seminar by Dr. A.M. Schreuder, Dyslexia Training Institute, April 2017 

Dyscalculia Awareness Training, Dyscalculia Training Center, October 2017


B.F.A. in Film, animation, video, Rhode Island School of Design, 1998, Providence, RI


Learn with Carlene, owner/tutor, 2018-present

Dyslexia Connect, dyslexia tutor, 2015-2018

The Walt Disney Company, designer, 2000-2005

Pike Productions, Inc., animator, 1998-1999

Animated films:

I completed two award winning animated films in partnership with my husband, Brandon Strathmann. To see the films and their awards, please click on the name of the film below.

The Plastic Perils of the Pacific, 2008

Dissolving Destinies, 2012

Professional Memberships:

American Mensa

International Dyslexia Association

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics