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The 10 Best Fidget toys of 2022

Keeping hands busy can help minds focus! As a professional tutor and a mother of kids with attention issues, I go through a lot of different fidget toys. I am always looking for the best ways to keep my children focused on their work, and these toys provide just the right amount of variety and stimulation. Here are the winners I keep in my fidget toolbox:

Fair warning: these do make a bit of noise and can be distracting in a group setting, but as a brain break from learning or in a one-on-one session, it is very satisfying and durable. You can put just one out at a time or set up a few that can be connected for a building experience that can be contracted and expanded.

2. Pop rainbow game board and other pop boards

These are excellent quiet time toys. The rainbow colors engage you visually, while the physical act of popping the bubbles is soothing. When you use the dice, you can make it into a game, which is an excellent way for a parent, therapist, or tutor to take a break along with their student and promote bonding through gameplay. You can find many shapes for pop boards without the game element. There are squares, hearts and unicorns, butterflies (these glow in the dark!), and even Star Wars pop boards.

No fidget toy chest would be complete without this classic stress reliever! These actually combine a fidget spinner with the pop-its to give a two-for-one fidget experience. There are no shortages of styles when it comes to fidget spinners. You can find ones for sports teams, movies, bands, and even corporations use them as promotional items! The key is to keep a few in working order because, eventually, they can fall apart and your students will miss them when they do.

There are many color choices for this item. Along with the many color choices this palm-sized cube offers you a number of fidget options in one item. There is a joystick and rubbery, nubby little faces to squeezer and poke. Other familiar switches like a power button (though the button does not actually turn anything on), a stretchy loop, some slider buttons, and a textured plane. This item has been very durable and has managed to survive many hours of use.

These fidget devices mimic a video game controller for a familiar tactile experience. A joystick and a 4-color button array are in a configuration students may be familiar with through playing with an XBox or PlayStation gaming system. An excellent choice for your gamers! This particular version comes with a few bonus metal rings looped together for more fidgety fun.

I have loved Tangles for a very long time! Tangle is the one intended for older students with better fine motor dexterity, while the Tangle Jr. version is a larger size and is better for students who have difficulty manipulating smaller spaces. If you buy multiples of the same size, you can connect them together. Likewise, you can remove sections and make the toys smaller if you wish. Another benefit is that they often come with interesting textures like bumps or ridges.

These stringy balls provide a rubbery material that can be pulled, stretched, or run along the skin for a light, feathery, sweeping sensation. They can also be tossed, being ball-shaped. These colorful balls create a new option for a unique sensory experience.

8. Squishies - I think these might be the best group of squishies I have ever bought! They are very durable and have kept their color and shape after months of intensive use. They have a pleasant neutral smell and soft, smooth outer material. When squeezed, they stay squished for a short time before slowly returning to their original form. Plus, who can resist those cute faces?

Sometimes, we all need a little pick me up! These balls help remind us that a positive mindset can take us further and that we are all working toward our goals. These three are very durable and colorful and come with a convenient carrying case. The words have stayed on well through heavy use, and their shape is working very well.

10. Infinity Cube - Although I am partial to this color scheme for my infinity cube, there are many styles to choose from, including galaxy, metal, wood, pastels, rainbow, and more! These cubes are relaxing for your students with anxiety and have a great quiet, subtle presence, making them appropriate for use in groups and individual sessions.

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